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UPDATE 26-09-2017



The IIE(Institute of International Education) of Kyung Hee is a specialized language-teaching institute which has one of the best groups of instructors and the newest facilities in Korea. In 1993, the IIE initiated its Korean language program and was selected as an official institute for teaching Korean to foreign students. These students came to study in Korea on an invitational scholarship offered by our government since 1996. Every year about 3,000 people from over 60 different countries attended the IIE. Our school helps foreign students become accustomed to both a different language and life style, without much difficulty. Furthermore, through the provision of a “volunteer system”the foreign students will feel at ease, with the help of their Korean volunteers. In addition, our foreign language program has native speaking teachers in English, Chinese and Japanese. 

Kiểu University
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Chỗ ở Dormitory
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Website http://eng.iie.ac.kr
Liên hệ Front desk : +82-2-961-0081~2
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Fax : +82-2-961-9579
Địa chỉ nhà 1 Hoigi-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea