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UPDATE 26-09-2017
Course Course Description Credit
Conversation 1
Learning basic conversation in everyday life. 4
Conversation 2
Practicing advanced conversation to express different usages of formal and informal conversational techniques. 3
Conversation 3
Learning to express different opinions, participating in discussions, and speeches. 3
Korean Listening 1 Practicing to differentiate individual phonemics to understand basic conversations. 3
Korean Listening 2 Understanding Korean phonemics to apply to daily conversations. 3
Korean Listening 3 Understanding frequentiy used abstract terms to practice discussions or speeches. 3
Korean Reading 1 Studying beginning level reading passages with basic vocabulary. 5
Korean Reading 2 Studying intermediate level reading passages with intermediate vocabulary. 3
Korean Reading 3 Understanding professional level reading passages with specialized topics to practice writing advanced vocabulary and Korean fables. 3
Korean Writing 1 Understanding basic vocabulary and grammatical structures to apply in writing simple sentences. 4
Korean Writing 2 Understanding intermediate vocabulary to write intermediate sentences. 3
Korean Writing 3 Understanding advanced vocabulary to write complex sentences and essays. 3
Korean Grammar 1 Understanding basic concepts and structures of the Korean language. 3
Korean Grammar 2 Understanding advanced grammatical structures. 3
Korean Grammar 3 Understanding complex grammatical structures to apply accurately in usage of the Korean language. 3