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UPDATE 25-09-2017

 Regular Course
Course Outline
Regular course is offered 4 terms a year.
Curriculum of each semester consists of total 200 hours for 10 weeks.
Classes run five days a week including 2 cultural activity programs.
Placement test is taken a week before the starting day of new term.
Classes are for those who desire to study in domestic (Under)graduate school or improve Korean language skills for business or personal purpose

Course Introduction
- Six levels from Beginner to Advanced will be offered according to students' Korean language proficiency.
- Comprehensive education of listening, speaking, reading, and writing helps to improve communication ability
- Average 12 students are in a class
Orientation and Placement Test
- Students must attend an orientation and take a placement test a week before classes begin.
- The results of the written and oral tests will determine level placement.
KLC Educational Environment
- Classrooms designed for Korean language instruction
- Classrooms with 50 inches LCD TV
- Welcomed participation in various Dongguk University group activities.
- Access to the university's main library and multimedia rooms.
Educational aim
Level 1
- completely read and write Korean consonants and vowels
- understand basic sentence structure, tense expression and rules of verb and adjective usage
- acquire basic language skills required for daily life such as greeting, self introduction, purchasing, using transportation and calling

Level 2
- pronounce correctly with understanding various rules of phoneme and pronunciation
- classifying honorific and regular speaking depending on the situation
- make sentences using various conjunctions
- comparatively free to communicate for daily life, ask and answer about familiar subject

Level 3
- communicate in daily life without inconvenience
- express own opinions about private and familiar social subjects orally as well in paragraphs
- explain, describe, compare and deliver a language in an appropriate situation
- express smooth Korean using passive and indirect speech

Level 4
- understand and express own thoughts of social and current events based on learned grammar
- understand and properly use the basic differences and characteristics of formality /
non-formality and literary / colloquial style.
- deepen one's understanding of Korean society and culture by learning idioms and proverbs

Level 5
- understand Korean political, economical, social, cultural and other professional fields and logically express own opinion about it.
- choose and use an appropriate expression in a diverse and complicated situation
- achieve skills required to study in a degree course such as writing a thesis, paper, critics, speech and discussion

Level 6
- use Korean grammar freely and participate in professional activities
- concretely figure out the content of editorials, news reports, professional articles, literature and conversations on broadcasts
- understand Korean way of thinking and customs, having no trouble in most activities and expressions throughout Korean language