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UPDATE 11-10-2017


The Institute is one of Kyungdong University's affiliated educational oranizations in charge of teaching foreign languages like English, Japanese, and Chinese, which are quintessential tools of communication in this age of Globalization and Information. In addition, the Institute also offers a Korean language program, where both foreigners in neighboring communities and foreign students studying in Kyungdong University can learn Korean language and culture.


The Institute is well equipped with most recent audio and visual facilities, which are all computerized, and by adopting the most up-to-date theories on language learning to our language programs, our organization provides the best language course to build up such language skills as hearing, speaking, reading, and writing at the same time. Besides, to develop and enhance our students' linguistic performance to a maximum degree, the Institute supplies our students with a wide assortment of study materials related to foreign language acquisition, which is open to all students for their easy access.


1. Provide Korean language course for International students.

2. Offer Foreign languages proficiency evaluations and progress programs for Korean.

3. Support exchanges with organizations abroad on Foreign language education.

4. Support services for overseas study and recruiting International students and language trainees.

5. Provide Specialized programs for government organizations or private companies.

6. Research and development of language teaching methods, and materials.


Kiểu University
Khóa học Language Course, Special
Phương pháp đào tạo General
Chỗ ở Dormitory
Số học sinh
Sân bay - Trường học
Website http://nationalkor.k1.ac.kr
Liên hệ Front desk : +82-33-639-0189
Office :
Fax : +82-33-699-0183
Địa chỉ nhà San 91-1, Bongpoi, Toseong-myeon, Goseong-gun, Gangwon-do