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UPDATE 11-10-2017

Level Social & Cultural Demands Expected Language Competencies
Level I
Seek contacts with Korean cultures; adjusting to Korean ways of living; in need of other's help in living a public life - Objectives : Learn vowel and consonant sequence of the Korean alphabets ; comprehend basic sentences, basic greetings, idiomatic expressions of common use; comprehend sentences of l,000 words of frequent use.
- Words : Personal pronouns, demonstrative nouns, adjectives, verbs, numbers (l-l00) Sentences : Regular transformation of sentences, including affirmatives, negatives, basic quantities, basic structures of syntaxes
- Pronunciation : Distinction between 어,으 and 의, between fortis and lenis ; Familiar with intonation change at the end of sentences.
Level II
Able to live a dependent life with the basic understanding of the Korean society: still in need of other's help in living public life. - Objectives : Comprehend, speak and write the basic Korean language; comprehend l,500∼3,000 words; Engaged in daily-life conversation.
- Words : Names of products, basic proper-nouns, basic terminologies of his/her own specialized area, regular verbs Sentences : Horizontal conjunction of short sentences, familiar use of propositions and negative questions
- Pronunciation : Distinction between fortis and voiced sounds, vowel harmony consonant assimilation.
Lvel I
Has no big difficulty in living in Korea; resolve problems for one self; have limits to in-depth understanding of Korea and to literary appreciation. - Objectives : Comprehend, speak and write Korean of frequent use; have no difficulty of engaging in daily-life conversation.
- Words : understand all vocabularies essential to daily-life with the exception of abstract ones.
- Sentences : Vertical conjunction of sentences, familiar with the changes irregular verbs and the use of verbs with adverbs; easy transformation between causative and passive sentences.
- Pronunciation : Familar with morphophone-mic alternation.
Level II
Live an independent life in Korea without help; work as a full-fledged employee in Korea but in need of help in the highly professionalized area - Objectives : Enjoy everyday conversations; resolve problems by means of telephone and other media.
- Words : Good command of words of daily use but not comprehend abstract words related to one's specialty; use irregular verbs.
- Sentences : Capable of morphophonemic alternation; comprehend all sentences excluding metaphorical or satirical references.
- Pronunciation : Reproduce the normative intonation of Korean, if pronounced at slow paces.
Level I
Engage in occupational life in Korea; comprehend basic lectures given at the university. - Objectives : Speak Korean of daily- and occupational life; comprehend news and commentaries on current issues; express one's opinions without inconveniences; have a complete command of words and idioms of frequent use
- Words : Comprehend abstract words of frequent use
- Sentences : Comprehend most of sentences with the understanding of their structures; correct one's mistakes in writing in reference to exemplary sentences catch with new ways of expression.
- Pronunciation : Comprehend spoken Korean at the normal speed.
Level II
Have reached the level that requires no further formal learning of the language: Self- motivated to improve one's language proficiency; may not understand Korean classics and dialects - Objectives : No difficulty in living a social and occupational life in korea: comprehend sophisticated speech, news commentaries and lectures; communicate their messages and express one's opinions correctly at discussion; comprehend Chinese characters of common use.
- Words : Speak ordinary vocabularies and technical terms words; comprehend strange words in the context.
- Sentences : Comprehend sentence of any kind, unless they are couched in intention to confuse.