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UPDATE 11-10-2017



As the oldest privat university located in the central region of Korea, Mokwon University is soaring up as a university embracing the world in this global era. Our students and graduates are studying abroad at prestigious universities around the world, and making their best efforts to realize peace, our common goal in this universe.


In addition, students from around the world are coming to Mokwon University and studying in the best educational environment while designing their future dream. The world is coming to Mokwon, and Mokwon is going towards the world.


The Office of International Affairs of Mokwon University will actively help globally-minded students in studying, conducting research, and achieving goals. I hope that you will all be able to open a door to a bright future and contribute to the development of this universe.

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Website https://www.mokwon.ac.kr/sub01030402
Liên hệ Front desk : +82 042-829-7131~3,5
Office : +82 042-829-7136 ~ 7
Fax : +82 042-829-7134
Địa chỉ nhà Office of International Affairs, Room 329, Building N, Mokwon University, Mokwon Gil-21, Doan-dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon, South Korea