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UPDATE 11-10-2017

Educational Courses
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Beginning Speaking/Listening Students learn the basics of the Korean language speaking and listening abilities to be able to communicate in daily life. By knowing the Korean language, students will acquire the foundation to learn the Korean culture as well.
Reading/Writing Students learn Korean consonants, vowels, and connective endings, and will be able to read short sentences. They learn how to write self-introductions and sentences used in various daily situations.
Intermediate Speaking/Listening Students learn various topics related to daily life and will be able to speak about social issues.
Reading/Writing Students learn to express their opinions in written Korean, and will be able to discuss simple topics.
Advanced Speaking/Listening Students learn to have a free conversation in Korean regarding various subjects such as culture and politics, and will be able to express their opinions in a logical and grammatically-correct way.
Reading/Writing Students learn to read and understand writings in professional fields, and will be able to express their opinions in writing regarding a given topic.