Administrative Bodies Supporting Foreign Students
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In order to study in Korea, you need to prepare various things. You should investigate in advance issues relating to accommodation, climate, prices of everyday commodities, food, clothing, transportation, etc., in order that you will not experience difficulties during your study in ENGea.  



Alien Registration and Notice of Entry 


Foreign students are required to visit the Immigration Office ( with jurisdiction over their place of residence in ENGea in person and undergo alien registration within 90 days of arrival (It is possible to delegate authority to the person in charge in the university, but in this case, it is necessarily to provide a letter showing power of attorney) Also, students should notify their entry to ENGea to their Embassy in ENGea. Documents that you need to prepare include a Certificate of Enrollment (from the university you are enrolled at), a valid passport(Download) one passport photo (3cmx4cm), registration fee(10,000 KW), and a completed Application for Alien Registration, which is available at the Immigration Office in your jurisdiction. 


Notifying Change of Details on Alien Registration Card (ID Card) 


Where there has been a change in the following details, you must notify these changes to the Immigration Office( with jurisdiction over their place of residence in ENGea within 14 days. . Name, Sex, Date of Birth, and Nationality . Passport Number, Date of Passport Issue, and Validity . Alteration of affiliated institution for student(D-2)or general study (D-4)(including change of the institution's name) 


Permission of extension of stay


In case of expiration of permission of stay, foreigners should receive permission for extension of stay if he/she desires to stay continuously in ENGea. He/she should apply 2 months before the current expiration date. Foreigners who have taken above a Bachelor's degree in Natural Sciences and Engineering and those with above a Master's degree in Humanities can apply for extension of stay within 6 months after graduation, and those who prepare their thesis after finishing their regular degree courses can apply for 2 years maximum. The required documents for permission of extension of stay are an application form, permission fee(30,000 KRW), and verification of school enrollment. In case of a period for seeking employment or preparing thesis, a letter of reason should be submitted, along with a letter of recommendation from a professor and thesis plan. 


Notifying Changes in place of stay

Where there has been a change in place of stay, you must notify this change to the new local council or to the Immigration Office within 14 days from the first day of stay.


※ Contact for Alien Registration Inquiries : (


Reentry Permit 

When foreigners depart temporarily and reenter, they must obtain permission of reentry either the local Immigration Office before departing or the Immigration Office at the airport or harbor on the day of departure. 


Foreigners must carry his/her alien registration card at all times 


Re-issuance of alien registration card

In the case of loss, wearing out, no room for more information, or changes in the information on the card, you can apply for re-issuance of the card within 14 days at the immigration office of your jurisdiction. Required documents are an application form (number 68), a passport photo (color, 3x4 cm), and fee for a paper stamp. 


Visa Extension

Students who wish to extend their stay in ENGea beyond the period of their visa have to apply for an extension within 2 months before the expiration date at the immigration office or its branch. If they fail to apply before the expiration date, they will be penalized for violation of the regulations of entry and departure. To apply, the student or his/her representative can submit the following required documents at the immigration office (or its branch) of his/her jurisdiction. Required documents are an application form, valid passport, alien registration card, a copy of enrollment certificate (or the student’s advisor’s letter on the matter when the student cannot get the enrollment certificate from the university), and a certificate of foreign student. 


Temporary Leave and Re-Entry 


Temporary Leave

- Students who want to leave ENGea temporarily must report to the head of his/her educational institution and submit a report form of temporary departure.

- The leave cannot be more than 30 days at a time except to collect data or references for research, to participate in a conference in the student’s area of study, or for other unavoidable reasons. In these cases, the student must get permission from the head of his/her educational institution in advance by submitting valid documents such as an invitation to the conference and his/her advisor’s letter on the matter. 



- Students who have left ENGea and want to re-enter ENGea must get permission in the immigration at departure airport or port with an application form, passport, alien registration, and enrollment certificate or advisor’s letter on the matter. 

- The maximum period of leave for single re-entry is a year, and for multiple re-entry is two years.

- Students who re-entered ENGea must report his/her re-entry to the school within 3 days of re-entry.


※ Students from Surinam, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Sweden, Swiss, Liechtenstein, France, Finland, and Chile can re-enter ENGea without permission of re-entry during their visa period.