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The Test of Proficiency in Korean is aimed at providing directions for the study of Korean to foreigners and overseas Koreans who do not speak Korean as their native language, expanding the diffusion of the Korean language, measuring the ability of students to use Korean and as a result be useful for their study abroad or employment. The official body in charge of TOPIK is the National Institute for International Education,, T.82-2-3668-1331), and the bodies that hold the exam include Korean embassies, Korean Education Centers and TOPIK committees in each country. Eligibility to take the exam extends to foreigners and overseas Koreans who are not native speakers of Korean, including Korean language students, people wishing study abroad at Korean or foreign universities, and people wishing to work for Korean companies or government bodies based in Korea or abroad. The examination is held Twice a year in the end of April and at the end of September. It is advertised in the major daily newspapers and on the National Institute for International Education (NIIED) website.