Application Procedures
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Minor differences exist between universities


Application Requirements

Application form
Self-Introduction and Study Plan 
Letter of Recommendation
Academic Record at previous institution and Proof of Graduation (or letter proving expected graduation)
Photocopy of Passport or Proof of Nationality
Proof of Korean and English Ability (if required)
Documents proving financial capacity
-roof of bank balance of at least USD 10,000 (maintained for at least one month) by financial guarantor, or domestic remittance or    currency certificate of that value
-roof of current employment of financial guarantor or proof of business registration 
-and tax certificate 
 -ledge to bear study expenses
Portfolio, videotape, etc. which proves your practical competence (for arts and physical education applicants)

* Please refer to the particular university as the documents may differ


Application Period
The deadline for spring semester (March entry) applications is usually from September to November, and for autumn semester (September entry) it is from May to June. Since this differs between schools, you need to confirm for yourself the deadline for applications.
Screening Methodology
Usually screening is document-based, although some universities carry out interviews or examinations.