How to apply for visa & application requirements
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How to apply for visa & application requirements

Documents to be submitted (Applicant submits visa application documents to an embassy or consulate of the Republic of Korea)

Valid Passport, Visa application form or Certificate for Recognition of Visa Issuance
Fee: Amount corresponding to USD 30 (single-entry permit) or USD 50 (multiple-entry permit)
Verification of School Entrance or Enrollment (Verification of Training)
Financial Verification (more than USD 3,000 in domestic bank account or certificate of currency exchange) or documentation under a university academic exchange agreement
Identification Verification (for those who cannot verify their financial ability for tuition and living expenses or upon the request of Justice Ministry)
※ Provided that, where you have a recognition of visa issuance or visa issuance recognition number, you only need to submit a valid passport, visa application form, and the visa issuance recognition (or number)