Korea Visa requirements
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Procedures for Getting a Visa 
After you have received acceptance from a regular educational program in Korea as a regular student or a language student, you must get a student visa by submitting the documents required for entry into Korea. As periods of stay can vary depending on the program, one should check related regulations concerning each one. 
Certificate for Confirmation of Visa Issuance
In order to shorten the issuing period and simplify visa issuance procedures, an immigration office head can issue a certificate for recognition of visa issuance after examining the applicant's documents upon the request of a sponsor in Korea.
Then, the Korean missions overseas will issue a visa based on the certificate. The certificate is required except for special cases. The applicant or sponsor in Korea can apply for the certificate at the nearest immigration office (or its branch) with required documents. When the certificate is issued and sent to the applicant, then the applicant can get a visa by submitting the certificate to the nearest Korean missions overseas. The certificate is effective for three months and valid for a single visa application.